Cultural Intelligence

On this program we look at some of the most common cultural differences and situations that we face at work.
We aim to raise awareness of communication styles (mainly derived from culture, upbringing and environment) and show how these can affect relationships and outcomes in the office.  We then move on to look at how we can flex our communication style to fit the audience for a more favourable solution.
This course has been proven to enhance work relationships, assist conflict management, reduce misunderstandings and improve overall organizational productivity.
Typically, we blend key modules together with optional target focussed modules to create  a winning solution. You can select these modules according to your companies specific needs.
Cultural Intelligence follows our L.E.A.P process (click here) to ensure a measurable training outcome and return on investment.

Course Length: 0.5 day, 1 day or 2 day formats
Delivery Language: Engllish, English with Chinese, or Chinese

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