Executive Presence

Your leadership brand is hugely important. 
In this program we look at important EP topics such as; influencing others, recognising & enhancing your personal brand image, building crediblity and more.
We break EP (Executive Presence) into 3 pillars – Owning EP (awareness, emotional intelligence, cultural issues), Projecting EP (dress, vocal & body language components, gravitas, communication) & finally exemplifying it (taking it back to the workplace).
Typically, we blend key core modules together with optional target focussed modules to create  a winning solution. You can select these modules according to your company specific needs.
Executive Presence follows our L.E.A.P process (click here) to ensure a measurable training outcome and return on investment.
Course Length: 0.5 day, 1 day or 2 day formats
Delivery Language: Engllish, English with Chinese, or Chinese
Please click here to request an Executive Presence program outline.