LEAP Process

With over 10 years experience of delivering training solutions to more than 120 different companies in Greater China with a client satisfaction rate of 100%, we know what it takes to execute a successful program. A program with a tangible outcome. 


At the heart of all of our solutions is L.E.A.P. This holistic process guarantees a return on your learning investment. It consists of four steps: Learn, Evaluate, Acquire & Apply, and Pulse Check.


LEARN: Before training begins, we take time to learn and analyze your organization’s needs. We also collect relevant work samples which will be used on your program

EVALUATE: Also pre-course, we evaluate your team’s current levels in targeted areas. These evaluations are used as a basis for measuring trainees’ improvement.

ACQUIRE: During the first part of training, we explain key concepts, theories and techniques. This allows trainees to acquire the tools they need. APPLY: The second part of training is all about applying the new knowledge in practical, work-related situations. This is where theory becomes practice.

PULSE CHECK:Well after the training workshop, we perform a pulse check in order to ensure that what was learned in training is being applied on the job. We also use handbooks, videos & WeChat cards to assist and aid with retention.

To learn more about how we use the L.E.A.P process specifically to each of our training solutions, please contact us